Herbal  Health BeneFits   

As Tupim we use only natural products containing herbal ingredients that have been used since ancient times.

Below are some of the herbs and  their benefits t used in our  products;

Barleria lupulina

Treats skin rashes, 
body ache, eczema,
itches, and scabies.
Lemon balm

Relaxes the muscles and helps reduce spasms.
Clinacanthus nutans

Relieves aches.
Borneo Camphor 

Relieve pain and Sprains.

Pogostemon cablin

Relieves pain, swelling and muscle inflammation.

Wild Soybean

Reduces wrinkles and helps keep the skin moist.


Treats inflamed skin and reduces clogging of pores.


Relieves muscle aches, calms and nourishes the skin.
Wheat Germ

 Heals dry, cracked skin and rich in Vitamin E.


Reduces wrinkles, relieves pain, calms and moisturizes the skin.