Tuptim Herbal only use High Quality, specific and well sourced products.

We stock and use only botanical, natural, organic products, Paraben free, Nut free 

(except the sweet almond varieties) and Vegan Friendly!


Our Herbal Balm and Herbal massage oils are a unique blend of organic, vitamins which provide great properties and benefits of skin, revitalise mind and muscle pains or muscle recover.


Please notify us if you have any skin allergies upon booking and we will tailor your treatment for you.

Tuptim Herbal Balm

 Available in Centre : 30g  tub      $10      

Effective temporary relief of: 

stress type affecting muscle whilst relieving pain, sprains, strains and itching from insect bites. Great to be used as inhaler for motion sickness. 

We are provide and use Herbal Balm during the treatments

(Thai Traditional Massage and Thai Combination Massage) 


Barleria lupulina (เสลดพังพอน) Clinacanthus nutans (เสลดพังพอนตัวเมีย)

Borneo camphor (การบูร) Pogostemon cablin (พิมเสน) Lemon balm (สะระแหน่)


Herbal Oil will be Update More 26/03/20